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GATSBY Hair Styling Foam Hard (185g)

GATSBY Hair Styling Foam Hard (185g)
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Model: Hard

GATSBY Hair Styling Foam 


Hard setting non sticky and no stiffness even in humid weather; Foam type Mousse; Hair Vitamins


  • Persistent stereotypes are not stiff 
  • Vitamin Conditioner Recipe 
  • Non-sticky, bubble-style rapid penetration of natural shape, lasting stereotypes are not stiff. 
  • Vitamin hair care formulations to protect hair resistant to heat the whole wind damage, slightly fragrant nature.


  • Shake before use, when the bottle is completely out of place upside down, just to avoid the gas ejection and the contents left in the bottle. 
  • Apply evenly on hair and plastic. When the temperature is low foam extrusion difficult, place the bottle is placed in warm water can be improved. 


  • Immediately after use if allergic, please stop use and consult a doctor. 
  • Please place the shade to avoid deterioration. 
  • In addition to the defective product itself can handle the return. 
  • Once opened or damaged goods that can not return, return must retain the packaging and merchandise, gifts and so on. 


Specifications: H192mm X W50mm X D50mm / cans, one into the 

Place of Origin: Japan 

Shelf life: three years

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