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GATSBY Perfect Hold Wax (Red) Short Hair Hard 60g

GATSBY Perfect Hold Wax (Red) Short Hair Hard 60g
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Model: Short Hair Hard

GATSBY Perfect Hold Wax

(Red) Short Hair Hard

Popularity salon supervision, short hair use


- Super shaping force, long-lasting style 

- Roughness and fixed shape 

- Hair care ingredients to give hair shine and moisture 

- Aroma of fresh pears 

- Top designer hair salon supervision popularity 

- Short hair, strong durable, the most suitable use of short hair, comfortable shape naturally without artificial hair simple, ultra durable. 

- Superhard hair wax, add hairspray formula, effectively maintaining a good job of modeling. 

- Paraben-free

- Made in Japan


Hair Spray functional ingredients: 

The wax is applied to hair styling spray composition, its "mount point" function can do the whole hair from the hair root, continue for a long time. 

After painting, the volatile components evaporated, leaving hair wax ingredients, plus hairspray composition, with "mount point" function, you can do the whole hair from the hair root and long sustain.



1. Fully in the hands of the smear off after a full evenly on all hair. 

2. Make sure the cap tightly closed after use. 



1. Immediately after use if allergic, please stop use and consult a doctor. 

2. Please place the shade to avoid deterioration. 

3. In addition to the defective product itself can handle the return. 

4. Once opened or damaged goods that can not return, return must retain the packaging and merchandise, gifts and so on. 


Product Name: [] Strong Lasting GATSBY hair wax (60g) 

Specifications: H96mm X W59mm X D59mm / cans, one into the 

Place of Origin: Japan 


Shelf life: three years

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