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Gatsby Hair Jam Rough Nuance (Green) 120g

Gatsby Hair Jam Rough Nuance (Green) 120g
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Model: Rough Nuance


Gatsby Hair Jam

Rough Nuance (Green)


- The new modeling technology, not sticky, not stiff, ultra durable.

- Light & fluffy hairstyle amount of sense, natural casual style. 

- Natural Hair sense ─ oil-free formula x powder formula plastic components (Silica), lightweight non-sticky styling experience. 

- Powder formula does not collapse long plastic components (Silica) can avoid the oil, sweat and moisture caused by the flat collapsed. 

- Add Inner Care Hair effect of amino acids hair care ingredients (Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine). 

- Easy to spread your jam-like texture, shape simple to complete. 

- When using floral aroma exudes (aroma no residue). 

- No preservatives. 



- Apply a small amount (about 10 yuan coin size) in the hands of Ma Yun, graded smear on dry hair, side coated side adjustment modeling. 

- Get rid of excessive smearing the sauce or rub hard fat may appear white dust, spray a small amount can be integrated. 


Styling tips: 

1.  Whole hair grip from the bottom up, creating a sense of fluffy volume. 

2.  Gently with Z-shaped manner, starting from the top down to Punta dial loose hair. 



1. Immediately after use if allergic, please stop use and consult a doctor. 

2. Please place the shade to avoid deterioration. 

3. In addition to the defective product itself can handle the return. 

4. Once opened or damaged goods that can not return, return must retain the packaging and merchandise, gifts and so on. 


Product Name: [] Casual GATSBY Hair sauce (120ml) 

Specifications: H120mm X W78mm X D39mm / cans, one into the 

Place of Origin: Japan 

Gatsby Hair Jam Rough Nuance (Green) 120g
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Gatsby Hair Jam Rough Nuance (Green) 120g
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Gatsby Hair Jam Rough Nuance (Green) 120g
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